"We make glass the old-fashioned way, using many techniques and tools that are essentially unchanged from those of a century ago." - George Fenton, President

Friday, June 16, 2006

Fenton Art Glass Presents "Freedom Soars" Vase...A Tribute to the Glassmaker's Art

(Williamstown, WV). The Connoisseur Collection from Fenton Art Glass showcases the skills and talents of both glassworkers and artists. Front and center in the 2006 Connoisseur Collection is the "Freedom Soars" Vase, a creation in Favrene glass. The "Freedom Soars" Vase will be displayed with pride by those who choose to add this magnificent piece to their home decor.

Favrene is made with cobalt blue glass containing pure silver. The silver is coaxed to the surface in a special reheating process and, when sprayed with metallic salts, it develops a silvery-blue iridescence.

A tribute to the glassmaker's art, the "Freedom Soars" Vase is a vivid canvas for designer Robin Spindler's panoramic scene of a majestic American bald eagle above a summer landscape with a background of snow-capped mountains. Her design features both sandcarving and handpainting. Subtle gold tones can be seen in the moon and in the landscape, where delicate yellow and red flowers flourish.

Item 8801 ZR 11" Freedom Soars Favrene Vase, limited to 950 pieces, retails for $595 U.S.

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